Kos is worldwide known as the island of Hippocrates since the most important teacher in medicine was born, lived and teached in this island of Aegean Sea.

But who is the man that established medicine? Hippocrates was the son of Iraklidis – descendant of Asklepios – and Fenareti.

His own father initiated him into medicine, as he was also a doctor.

He had classical education and studied medicine in the Asklepieio of Kos. As a restive spirit he was, he toured around Greece and gained more knowledge.

He started practicing with very good results. He became famous when he saved Athens from cholera epidemic. With the teachings of Hippocrates, Kos became famous in the entire ancient world.

Hippocrates turned medicine into a vocation and set the moral values that had surrounded his science.

The oath of Hippocrates, which is internationally established, has these values and attitudes that every healer should have.

That means capacity, responsibility, honesty, sanctity, integrity, taciturnity, respect towards human life and dignity.