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Kalymnos is known as the “Sponge-divers” island.

Sponge diving has long been the most common occupation in Kalymnos and sponges were the main source of income of Kalymnians.

During the whole year Kalymnos offers rock climbing and bouldering.


A boat trip to the island of NISYROS is very enjoyable.

It has active volcanic fumaroles, steam vents, boiling mud and sulphur. The island also has a very pretty village with very narrow streets, bougainvillea and many other beautiful flowers.

The trip up the crater is a bit scary with very steep drops and remember not to wear plastic flip-flops because they will melt off your feet.


Plati is a tiny island with no inhabitants, surrounded by crystal clear water.

Try a day boat cruise and appreciate the perfect sea. It will take you away from the stress and bustle of everyday life.

Perfect idea for sightseeing and relaxation.


Pserimos is a small island about half way between Kos and Kalymnos.

The main beach on the island is a lovely stretch of golden sand, quickly buried by sunbedded bodies.

Swim in the enchanting beaches and admire the pure beauties and ambulatory routes.